Polaris is a Silver partner of the Microsoft Partner Network. Polaris has been developing and supporting applications on the Microsoft program for over fifteen years. Microsoft Technology is one of the strategic areas of technology investment as a popular and cost effective platform in delivery of applications across a spectrum of domains. Over the years, Polaris has established itself as a leading Microsoft Certified Partner with over 5000 person-years of efforts expended in Microsoft technologies.

Polaris Microsoft Highlights

  • Microsoft Certified Partner SI & ISV partner since 1997
  • Microsoft Ascend Partner for Whidbey & Yukon in 2005
  • Microsoft India Launch partner for Visual Studio & SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft Ascend Partner for “Windows Vista” and “Longhorn Sever” in 2006
  • Work jointly with the Microsoft sales force in EMEA / US / ASPAC regions
  • Mr. Bill Gates endorsement on the work done by Polaris

Areas of Partnership: Digital