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In Polaris, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Citizenship is taken very seriously. It is not just an involvement in charitable or philanthropic activities due to business responsibility, but our organization's conscious decision to support social, economic and ethical responsibilities. The CSR practice is embedded in the organisation's culture and is part of our way to develop the society where we live and owe our growth.

Ullas Trust

Ullas Trust was started in 1997 by Polaris employees with an aim to integrate Polaris with a larger community and enable them to enjoy the bliss of working with young minds in the country.

The primary motive of Ullas is to recognize academic excellence in students from the economically challenged sections of our society and encourage the ‘Can do’ spirit towards chasing their dreams and aspirations. Very early in its evolution, Ullas decided to focus its energies on students during the most vulnerable stage in their journey – adolescence. This would translate into students from Class (Grade) 9th to 12th. Ullas' regularly conducts integrated and holistic programs to encourage young students. Briefly, these programs are as follows.

Annual Workshop

The Chairman and CEO of Polaris, along with Polaris employees anchor a large scale annual workshop for over 2000 students. This workshop focuses on three main objectives:

  1. Recognize Young achievers in a public platform and award merit scholarships.
  2. “Seed” the thought of looking beyond their immediate environment and encourage them to dream big and articulate their dreams with conviction in a specially created ‘Diary of Dreams’.
  3. Provide an opportunity to interact with eminent personalities and role models.

SUMMIT Program

This is a unique self-enrichment program. It comprises of a personality development module and a technology skill development module. All classes are anchored by Polaris employees (and their families) during the weekends for students from class 9 to 12, thus giving the employees a special opportunity to mentor these students. The Summit program is graded as Level 1 to Level 4, with Level 1 beginning for Class 9th and finishing with Level 4 for Class 12th. Through the SUMMIT programs, Ullas gets a fantastic opportunity to make positive interventions in the journey of the student and actively support their ‘Can do’ attitude towards achieving their aspirations.

Higher Education Program

Ullas also supports Higher Education aspiration of deserving students through Merit Scholarships and Mentoring Programs. After the 12th standard, aspirants apply for the Higher Education Scholarships and go through a formal interview by panels of Polaris employees, where they build a case of why they should be awarded the scholarships. This again gives them a head-start in facing interviews. The Higher Education Scholarships continue till the student graduates and their mentoring programs encompass Presentation techniques, Preparing for interviews, awareness of corporate etiquette and unleashing their potential as well as the power of team work demonstrated through out-bound programs.

Touch the Soil

This is a unique program that spreads the Power of Dreams to Municipal, Corporation or Government school students in rural and semi-urban districts. Employees form teams and engage with students in 9th and 12th grades and conduct specially designed interactive workshops. Each student is encouraged to dream big and dream with conviction.

In Polaris, we refer to these as ‘Team outings with a Purpose’!

The Touch the Soil program is run out of our regional head quarters - Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad), Maharashtra (Mumbai), Delhi-NCR region (Gurgaon).

The programs mentioned above are based on six guiding principles:

  1. A young mind learns through his/her observations and by expanding his view. One can broaden his/her vision in this manner.
  2. A young mind gets inspired by experiencing role models. Its only when one observes benchmarks of success can one even think about it.
  3. A young mind gets energized and further encouraged by recognition in a larger group.
  4. Between the ages of 13 and 16, the maximum change in one’s thought process occurs and any positive influence gets amplified.
  5. To bring anything to reality one needs to visualize it. When one pens his or her dreams on paper one’s own personal commitment to the dreams increases and the chances of achieving the dream increases.
  6. During the journey towards achieving dreams, if one’s thoughts are supported and discussed with a mentor, friend and guide, it inspires and accelerates momentum towards one’s goals.

For more information on the Ullas Trust, please visit its website.

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