A deep understanding of the lifecycle of money and the role of technology as a value creator

Founded in 1993, Polaris Consulting & Services Limited is a global leader in Financial Technology (FT) for Banking, Insurance, and other Financial Services. The organization offers superior technology solutions through its two specialized divisions that enable clients’ unprecedented operational efficiency – FT Services and FT Products.

Driven by a Solutions Mindset

Polaris is guided by powerful platforms and high performance practices. Its techno-functional capabilities lead industry standard on several parameters. The organization’s specialist capability in providing solutions through delivery is apparent across its full spectrum offerings that include Testing, Infrastructure Management, Business Efficiency, Business Transformation, Data & Analytics, Mobility & Channels, and Risk & Compliance. Today, Polaris high performance FT solutions run in over 250 financial institutions around the world.

A Single Purpose to Drive Unprecedented Value through Complexity Reduction

Complexity reduction is Polaris singular obsession. The focus is on the simplification of highly complex systems and processes by leveraging current technologies. Design thinking, a key differentiator in developing solutions for the transformative agendas of CXOs of Banks and financial institutions worldwide, is hardwired into Polaris DNA. Design drives deep differentiation. It results in superior architecture and smarter applications. It unlocks unprecedented value in Business, Technology, and Operations. To this end, Polaris recently launched the world’s first Financial Technology Design Center, 8012 FT Design Center, to engineer solutions that drive unprecedented value by uniquely connecting business, technology, and operations, in its collaborative design process.

The company has a global presence through its 40 relationship offices across 30 countries, 6 international development centers, and 8 fully owned Business Solution centers. Polaris has talent strength of over 11,500 solution architects, and domain and technology experts.

Nurturing a High Performance Work Culture

Polaris is a people-oriented enterprise. It nurtures a high performance work culture that is reflected in the leadership qualities and the spirit ownership of its employees. These traits are encouraged through its exclusive Konark community and Lakshya visioning exercise.

The Konark program was instituted in 1995 to recognize and unleash the potential of individuals and teams to drive a high performance work culture. Konarks are change agents who embody the Polaris culture and anchor critical enterprise initiatives. Collaborative learning design begins here!

Lakshya is a free flowing open space platform to explore the organization’s directions for the next 5 years without loading it with current constraints. A human mind has a subconscious which takes a lot of complex decisions without loads of systems and processes. Similarly, the organizations also have a subconscious which can be used for its better alignment. Lakshya is a process which builds this subconscious thinking. Lakshya uncovers the ‘Don’t know what I don’t know’ zones. The bottom-up approach helps in spotting new opportunities and mines better.

In articulating what ‘living the Polaris brand’ is, the core building blocks are Knowledge, Leadership, and Values. To help realize individual and enterprise potential, each of these facets have been deconstructed into essential attitudes and behavior patterns. Polaris believes that value creation grows as customer relationships mature with time. Relationship, expertise, Technology, Intellectual Property and Global Reach are the routes that enable the company to come closer to its customers worldwide.